Karma/Rep Weight System

Current Release: 1.5.1
By: Snoring Ninja

This mod does a few different things, all of which can be ignored and not enabled:

  • Provides a weighted system for giving reputation only (taking reputation is always one)
  • Limit the amount of karma to go along with weight to prevent outrageous amounts of karma being given
  • Option in Admin > Maintenance > Forum Maintenance > Routine to reset all user good karma to a set level while setting negative karma to 0
  • Instead of using post count for determining when a user can give reputation, use the user's current reputation to decide
  • "Pool" the Karma to prevent any new karma from being added to the game; more information can be found by clicking the help icon next to the option

Weighted Karma

Weighted karma is a simple idea: take a user's karma and divide by the weight set in the admin panel to give that amount of karma instead of 1. So, if the weight is 15 and a user has 200 karma, they would give 13 karma. I did not add weight to negative karma, as I am against that. The weight system comes with two options.

  • Weight to divide by
  • Max amount that can be given (prevents outrageous amounts)

Give Karma Based on User Karma, Not Post Count

One gripe I have with SMF's karma is that it relies on post count when determining if a user is able to give karma. To go around this, I decided that I would rather use a person's karma count to determine whether or not a user is able to give karma. This works just like it sounds and if the option is enabled it ignores the post count option and uses a user's karma count. The message box can be left blank for a default message if a user without enough karma attempts to give another user karma. Setting a message here will be shown in place of the default message.

"Pooled Karma"

"Pooled" Karma System: no new karma is ever introduced into the community after the initial karma is set (i.e. giving certain users enough karma to give karma a few times). This new system works in a manner that when a user gives karma, they also lose the amount they give. For example, if I have 200 karma and it’s weighted by 50 I can give four karma. When I decide to give karma, not only I increase the recipients karma by four, but I also lose four karma for a total of 196 following the giving of karma.

2.1 Support

Right now, this won't work on 2.1, mostly because 2.1 did away with the karma system; however, there is a modification someone wrote to port the karma system that you can modify to include the changes from this modification. I have no plans or interest in combining the two.

This mod is released under the MIT License.


Final Note

This modification is for the Simple Machines Forum Software (SMF) and designed for the 2.0.x branch of the software. This modification is not, and will not, work on a base install of the 2.1.x branch of the software. This modification is no longer actively maintained.